What to Take Advantage of While You’re Home on Break

By Jake Solyst | December 14, 2015

Winter breaks never last as long as they should. As soon as you get settled into the comfortable nest of life back at home, protected by the “I just had finals I’m on my break” excuse, the time flies by and next thing you know you’re re-packing your bag.

Between the first day of break and the last, be sure to take advantage of all the luxuries that you somehow went without. If you do, chances are you’ll have a very good, cherishable break.

  1. Your pet– Give him or her a hug, a pet, or a good old walk in the park. Take picture of him or her so you have to look at. If it’s a gerbil or something then do whatever fun thing you like to do with gerbils.
  2. Home Cooked meals– Here’s a good idea, as soon as you get home, say to your mom, dad or sibling (whoever is the best cook) that you really “missed their meals.” This should warm their hearts to point where they want to cook you meal after meal.
  3. Family Gym– If your parents belong to a gym they could probably put you on a family plan for a month without too much of an upcharge. They could also just give you some guest passes. Either way the winter break is a great time to rotate between being super lazy and super active, as long as you have a comfy couch and a free gym.
  4. Learn to cook– I don’t understand people who say “I can’t cook”. Cooking really isn’t that hard, all you do is find a recipe, buy ingredients and do whatever the steps tell you to do. You can throw a bunch of ingredients and tomato sauce on chick bread, put it in the oven at 400 degree for 20 minutes and you’re cooking far better than most. See Spoon University for some quality recipes.
  5. Think about time– A big Academbot mission is to inspire students to do more with their time and resources. On the other hand, we’re also realists, and we’re not going to hate on laziness. But after that first week of binge watching movies, TV shows and YouTube videos, even laziness-lovers will start to get bored. That’s when you gotta realize that these breaks are special, and that a wasted afternoon is one you won’t get back until the next break (and that’s a long ways away).