Sweet holiday gifts for college

By Sean | December 3, 2015

It’s common not to know what you want for the holidays until you see it, and it’s common not to know what you want to have in college until it’s too late. Because of this commonality, we’ve made a sweet little list of presents you could ask for that would make your college life easier, more fun and more interesting.

Take a look—but remember—always shop with care. 

Sweet holiday gifts for college

  1. Water bottle: Having a handy water bottle ensures that you stay hydrated, which keeps you healthy and energized. It also reduces the environmental destruction that comes from the billions of plastic bottles that need to be made every year. As a college student you should be taking care of your body, and the environment. Getting a water bottle is an easy way to do that. 

  2. New and better headphones: Listening to music, podcasts or books on tape as you walk to class is a phenomenally classic introverted activity. If you’re still relying on the basic iphone headphones, do yourself a favor and try out some new (slightly expensive) headphones. It’s supposed to sound better.

  3. Cook book: Purchasing fresh ingredients and taking several hours out of your day to cook isn’t exactly a traditional college move, but I’d argue that Ramen & hot sauce meals is a poor traditions to begin with. If you love to cook, or think you might, ask for a good cook book that you can start to master while you’re young a hungry.

  4. Record player: You don’t get a record player just to make your living room (and yourself) look more interesting. You get a record player because music sounds better on it and becuase record store shopping is one of the more fun things a music lover can do. Also, record players aren’t that expensive (about $120 for a good one).

  5. Camera: You don’t have to be an amazing artist to put a camera to good use. If you take a lot of trips to pretty places, or just see pretty places everywhere you go, then having a camera on you lets you preserve and magnify those memories. Sounds a little artsy right? Well that’s the idea. Stop scrolling through the wonderful pictures on Instagram for a minute to take your own.

  6. Magazine/newspaper subscription: I’m not trying to tell you to become an adult. Most college students don’t read the newspaper or dense magazines like The New Yorker, mostly because they don’t have time, and because there are more fun things to look at on the internet. But if you have a desire to know what’s going on in the world or dig into long and interesting stories, getting a college discounted subscription could be a nice monthly gift for the year to come.

  7. iTunes gift card: Illegally downloading music isn’t sharing, it’s stealing. Musicians who make music deserve to be compensated for their work, and since you’re getting a gift anyways, use it to pay them for their awesome music that you get to keep for the rest of your life.

  8. New bike: No matter how small your campus is you could still use a bike. It means 10 more minutes of sleep, it means less time at the gym, it wakes you up in the morning and it can get you far off campus to a job or a cool location.