Super Easy New Year’s Resolutions for College students

By Jake Solyst | December 17, 2015

Why Do We Make New Year’s Resolutions?

We make New Year’s Resolutions because of how bad we are at keeping the previous years’ resolutions.

Last year I was supposed to hang out with family more, work on my art more, and exercise better. So this year, I came up with resolutions again.

But the problem with most New Year’s Resolution, like the one’s above, is that they’re too vague. They’re more whims than goals. You can’t measure them.

My New New Year’s Resolutions

This year I decided to something different. I came up with a list of measurable goals, some I can do in half an hour! All of them though are based on things that are important to me.

Take a look and feel free to steal some:

  1. Go send a grandparent an email, facebook message or written letter. Or give a call.
  2. Go look up a recipe from Spoon University and cook.
  3. Read a short story.
  4. Listen to a new album all the way through and write a review.
  5. Lookup a historical figure read their entire Wikipedia page.
  6. Find a second-semester class you’re most excited about and research the topic. An hour of research should do.
  7. Buy a reusable water bottle (and stop wasting plastic all year long). 
  8. Watch a documentary instead of two episodes of a TV show.
  9. Eat yogurt and fruit for breakfasts for a week (if you’re allergic, then just the fruit. A lot of it.)
  10. Try to meditate for 20 minutes every day

If you enjoyed doing some of these, then your next step is to come up with your own list. Use these 10 things as a guide to help you come up with easily accomplishable but beneficial practices. If you enjoy them enough, they may just become part of your weekly routine, which is how you know you’ve really made a positive change.