SpoonUniversity Saves Your College Cooking Skills

By Jake Solyst | February 16, 2016

The best thing about SpoonUniversity is that its writers understand students.

College students go to class. College students study in libraries. College students go on $3 hot dog runs at 2 a.m. What they don’t do—is cook. At least not as much as they could.

SpoonUniversity is fixing that.

The SpoonUniversity tribe is an expansive foodie organization with an online publication and an on-campus community at a ton of different schools. With a chapter at several colleges across the Country, Spoon U is able to review local restaurants and put out articles and videos tailored to student cooking, keeping good food—along with classes and libraries—on students’ minds.

But instead of asking you to go to the farmers market or buy expensive supplies, Spoon U creates recipes based on easy to get ingredients and easy to make dishes. So instead of just throwing together the typical “fill me up” dish, think about preparing seriously useful college style culinary skills by joining the SpoonUniversity Community.

Or just salivate uncontrollably over their videos.


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