How to Deal with Criticism in College

By Sean | November 8, 2013

When criticism strikes, learn how to put the ‘tude and tears aside and make the best of it.

In college, people are going to stop babying you and give honest feedback, good or bad. Learning how to handle this can be hard, but it’s important because once you’re in the “real world,” taking criticism is a daily exercise. And turns out, most of the time it’s super helpful.

USA Today put together an action plan to keep your sass (or blubbering) in check when somebody says something you don’t want to hear. Some tips to keep in mind are:

  • Listen up. Determine whether the criticism is constructive or just mean. It will help you better gauge the appropriate response.
  • Respond calmly. Be respectful no matter what, even if they’re just being a jerk or you think they’re wrong.
  • Don’t take it personally. Take your feelings out of the equation. A questionable thesis statement isn’t going to make or break your career, nor does it reflect on your personality.
  • Manage stress. If you’re already freaking out, it’s not going to take much to push you into hysterics. Keep your head in a healthy place.
  • Keep on keepin on’. Just because one person doesn’t think the same way you do, doesn’t mean you need to start from scratch. Learn what you can then keep being you.

(Source: How to Handle Criticism Like a Pro | USA Today)