How to binge well

By Sean | December 17, 2015

Binge watching tv shows and movies is as deeply woven into the American Winter holidays as hot chocolate, gift shopping, and football games in the snow.

Those lazy days centered around comfy couches occupied by you, your friends and family exist in a world free of judgement—the phrase “It’s winter break” and “I’m on vacation” obliterate any argument for you to be more productive and less languid.

I mean it’s only fair right? You work hard, you need a rest, and there are just so many awesome things to watch.

The thing is though, too much of a good thing is in fact, not a good thing. Being surrounded by entertaining, simple-minded content tempts smart people away from much more interesting and valuable things. And I’m not even saying that the shows you may be watching aren’t intellectually stimulating, many are. But to be honest, many aren’t.

That’s why we’ve came up with a way to binge-well. You can still sit on your couch, wake up past noon and stay in warm sweats till it’s time to leave the house, but consider spending those Winter break hours watching the type of documentaries and movies that will make you smarter. Because being smart is cool.

Hulu documentaires:

The Radiant Child

Gimme Shelter

Portrait of Wally

Amazon prime documentaries:

Exit through the gift shop

Nas: Time is Illmatic

Urban Fruit



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