Farmers Markets at College Campuses

By Sean | March 3, 2016

Going to the farmers market is one of those things that just feels good.

They’re quaint and novel, full of happy people buying hand-grown food, and sometimes, they even have a guy playing an accordian over by the pickle stand. It doesn’t get better than that, my friends.

On-Campus Farmers Markets

The lost art of growing vegitables and selling them directly to the community isn’t lost yet at these awesome college, where students and professors alike are able to walk less than the length of the campus to a fresh and fantastic farmers markets.

At some of these schools, the students actually grow and sell the produce themselves. What could be more life-affirming than that?

Why You Should Go to a College With a Farmers Market

  1. You’ll support local farming and business.
  2. You’ll support environmentally friendly food production.
  3. You’ll eat healthier.
  4. You’ll start to cook with different ingredients and become a better cook.
  5. Going to the farmers market both relaxing and productive (for some people anyways).

14 On-Campus Farmers Markets

  1. College of San Mateo
  2. University of California Davis
  3. Portland State University
  4. Duke University
  5. Harvard University
  6. Oklahoma State University
  7. University of South Carolina
  8. Warren Wilson College
  9. Hampshire College
  10. Butte College
  11. Michigan State University
  12. Clemson University
  13. Western Washington University
  14. Yale

Collected these with the help of Mother Nature Network and Best College Reviews