College Theme Party Inspiration

By Sean | January 21, 2014

It’s time to party!

College theme parties are all too infamous—too much booze and not enough clothing. 

But you don’t have to go there to have fun with your friends.

There are tons of themes where you can have a good time and still leave something to the imagination. 

Get ready to party…

  • Zombie Prom: Tacky formal wear and fake blood? Sounds like a party to us. 
  • Masquerade: Sparkly outfits and masks can keep the night mysterious. 
  • Western: Pull out your boots and cowboy hat, it’s time for a hoedown.  
  • Thrift Shop: Get your whole outfit from a thrift shop. This can get interesting. 
  • Celebrities: Team up as Brangelina or show up solo in the likeness of Madonna.  
  • Movie Characters: This one’s pretty self explanatory, but always fun! 
  • As You Were in High School: Dress up as you would have in high school. If your a commuter, you could even get dropped off by your mom. 
  • Disney: What girl wouldn’t want to be a princess for a night?
  • Prom – Round II: If you didn’t get it right (or just didn’t go) the first time, it’s your time to try again.
  • Make Your Own Super Hero or Villain: Design your own super powers and costume then save (or destroy) the night! 
  • Gatsby: Flapper dresses, shiny shoes, and costume jewelry galore make for a fancy evening. 
  • Wedding: While nobody has to actually get married, put on a tuxedo, bridesmaid or wedding dress, and make it a night to remember. 
  • Blacklight: Dress up in all white, get neon paint, and turn on the blacklights. Pretty cool! 
  • Tacky Christmas: Sweaters, tinsel, and string lights…we’ll take the holidays all year round. 
  • Silly Hats: A simple theme, but definitely worth it. Find a funny hat or make your own. 

Time to get planning!