Apps to Help you with Healthy Living

By Sean | January 28, 2015

Staying healthy is a big commitment – Here are some apps to help keep you moving all year!

Many college students try and fail to keep a consistent workout schedule. Either there isn’t enough time, they don’t have the inspiration or they just don’t know what they’re doing.

Thankfully today’s apps can connect us with coaches and motivators that know just how to get you going.

Instead of asking Google for “good work out routines” at midnight when you’ve just watched an inspirational boxing movie, check out this Huffington Post list of awesome and merciless fitness apps:

  • This is an app that gives you personalized motivation and advice that inspires you to reach your own goals.  Coach me lets you set a goal (there are over 200,000 to choose from) and then lets you determine how much coaching you’ll need to reach them. Goals can range from marathon training to simple daily priorities. You can also choose how your coach actually responds to your goal. It can come in three different forms: advice on any questions you might have in regards to your goals, motivation that celebrates every milestone of accomplishment (no milestone is too small), and friendly reminders to keep you on track.
  • Human: Time to see how many calories are burnt on your bike ride to Biology class and during your long walk to a friend’s dorm. Human is your all in one app for calculating your daily movement. No need for any extra devices, this app tracks your day-to-day walks, runs, bike rides, and overall activity in regards to your movement (not steps). It gives you an estimate of about how many calories you have burned and encourages you to be active for 30, 60, or 90 minutes each day.  Finally, this app lets you create a community around your movement. Get your friends to use the app with you and create some friendly competition (Sorority vs. Fraternity movement contest?).
  • Cody: This app revolves around one coach’s videos and routines and is backed by a community. Cody hosts different coaches for fitness plans that range from yoga on the beach to Olympic-style weightlifting. Members of each plan connect through the app, comment on their routines and inspiring each other. Each plan does cost money, but they don’t expire and could become great gifts or reminders to exercise.
  • 7-Min Workout: This is the perfect app for students with big work schedules and lofty fitness goals. The seven-minute workout has been scientifically proven to have great benefits for both burning calories and building muscle. There are many 7 minute fitness apps out there but this one is free, lets you play music in the background of your workout, doesn’t need internet access to run, sets up reminders, goals, achievement rewards and much more.
  • Charity Miles: You can run every day for a good cause with this free app. It is very simple and very rewarding – 10cents per mile when you bike and 25cents per mile when you walk or run and it goes to one of a handful of charities to choose from like the Wounded Warrior Project or ASPCA. Feel good about yourself physically and spiritually with this app.

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(Source: 6 Apps to Help You Crush Your Fitness Goals This Year I Huffington Post)