10 Ways to Procrastinate the Day Away… and Feel Good About It

By Sean | September 13, 2013

Most people will tell you that procrastination is only for lazy, good for nothin’ slackers. But in some cases, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Procrastination can be a super productive use of time.

Smart procrastinators procrastinate by doing productive stuff. And we are often still working on the task we are avoiding, subconsciously. 

Go Ahead, Procrastinate. It’s ok.

Here 10 ways to procrastinate the day away at college and still feel good about it: 

  1. Go for a walk… or better yet, a run: Getting away from the computer for a quick walk around the quad can be a great to get “unstuck,” boost your creativity, and make a new friend. 
  2. Read a book: This can be especially good if you have a case of writer’s block. 
  3. Eat ’em chocolates: Chocolate contains caffeine and antioxidants, which will give you a tiny mental boost while pleasuring your taste buds. 
  4. Play a game: We play games all day whether we know it or not. One way to catapult your mental acuity, reaction time, decision making skills and thought processing power is through gaming. It’s been shown that certain types of games can help respond quicker to problems presented to them often resulting in the correct solution. Seriously!
  5. Throw an impromptu dance party: Getting up and moving around is a clever way to exercise excess energy and get focused. What better way to do that than to blast your favorite song and bounce around your room screaming the lyrics as loud as you can?
  6. Take a nap: Even if you aren’t tired, laying down can be a great way to put your work and get nice a relaxed. 
  7. Go out for coffee (or tea): Hitting up the local indie cafe filled with a few creative types can be the perfect way to spend an afternoon.  
  8. Call (not text or Facebook) your folks: You gotta do it anyway, might as well do it while you’re stuck. And maybe, just maybe, they can help you get unstuck. It turns out, they know stuff, and in some cases, a lot of it. 
  9. Clean your room: This will not only make your mom proud, it will also make you feel better. Feeling good about yourself and your room puts you in the right frame of mind to be productive. 
  10. Do something (anything) else: The best way to avoid work, is to do other work. You are still being productive, so it’s all good.