10 College Classes That Are Worth Every Penny

By Sean | October 30, 2013

Don’t waste time (or dollar bills). Take classes that fit into your plans for the future.

We all try to get the most out of college. After all, you’re spending big bucks just to be there. But, there are so many options for majors, courses, and programs that it’s hard to get a grip on what’s going to be important in the long run.

College Magazine compiled a list of some of the most relevant and fulfilling courses out there. These include some cutting edge options as well as some classic go-to’s. Here’s a sneak peak at what they found:

1. Social Media Marketing, San Francisco State University

2. iPhone Application Development, Stanford

3. Study Abroad

4. Organizational Behavior, Georgia Tech

5. Gender, Leadership, and Management, Harvard

6. Foreign Language

7. Business Writing, University of Notre Dame

8. Corporate Communication, Dartmouth

9. Peer Advising Program, University of Pennsylvania

10. How to Develop “Breakthrough” Products and Services, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

(Source: The 10 Hottest Classes For Success in The Year 2020 | College Magazine )